About us

We want to create a more human business world

At LAJ Global, we are united by the same purpose: create a more human business world.

We see the current challenges as a great opportunity for evolving the way we think and feel about leadership, work, and business.

Our Mission

We transform organizations by accelerating exponential leadership. The leaders we work with become more conscious, agile and influential. They build high-performing and collaborative environments by bringing out the best in the people across hierarchies, functions and cultures.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe we have opportunities like never before. Let’s use them wisely!
  • We believe that when people feel valued and have a strong purpose, they bring out their best.
  • We believe it is possible to create organizational environments in which everyone thrives: the leaders, the employees, the business, the final customers and the world.

Our Values

  • Conscious Agility: We balance speed and wisdom.
  • Respect for Uniqueness: We recognize each person’s unique value.
  • Partnering for Impact: Together we accomplish more.
  • Responsibility for Growth: We take 100% responsibility for the results we get and learn from every situation.

Meet Our Team

Myriam Callegarin

Myriam Callegarin, Founder and CEO of LAJ global

Myriam understands the complex challenges that leaders and organizations face at practical, emotional, leadership, and business levels in uncertain and rapidly changing times. She created the CARx Method and the Leadership Activation Journey to help leaders increase their agility, strategic vision and ability to bring out the best in people across hierarchies, functions and cultures.

A certified Executive Coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation (PCC), Myriam has over 25 years of international corporate and consulting experience in Sales, Business and Leadership Development. She worked at Mercedes-Benz in Germany, Singapore and South Korea for 11 years, mainly in International Sales and E-Business Development for the Mercedes-Benz brand in South East Asia, Australia, India and Italy. In 2001 she decided to make the leap to entrepreneurship and started her own consultancy for International Business Development, specializing in Market Entry and M&A. In 2008 she decided to transition to coaching and intercultural training. Since then she has been working with C-level executives, Senior Managers and High Potentials in multinational organizations worldwide. She is fluent in English, German and Italian.

Her references include Mercedes-Benz (Daimler), Porsche, Ford Motor Company, Roche, Chiesi, IBSA, UniCredit, Banca Intesa, E.ON, Luxottica, ReckittBenckiser, World Food Program (United Nations) and several more.

Michela Serramoglia 14 copia_pp

Michela Serramoglia, Partner and Head of Global Coach Training at LAJ Global, Certified LAJ Coach

Michela has been on board at LAJ Global since 2019 and has been providing an invaluable contribution to our mission. She is a Leadership and Team Coach, a certified LAJ Coach, as well as Partner & Head of Global Coach Training at LAJ Global. She speaks English, Italian and Portuguese

Michela fully embraces LAJ’s philosophy and started working with LAJ Global as she firmly believes that to feel, think and act like a truly influential leader, one needs to lead oneself first. She believes that the LAJ approach provides a powerful map to help managers become conscious leaders, successfully navigate constant change, and energize the business.

Michela has over 20 years of international experience as Co-founder at Eurotrade Srl, trading company, as Management Consultant at Jahanvi India (Gurgaon, India) and Sales Manager at APP Sinar Mas (Jakarta, Indonesia). Her references include Coca Cola HBC, L’Oreal Italy, Decade Coaching School, IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele, Ospedale Policlinico di Milano and more.

Sinto Llobera

Sinto Llobera, LAJ Global Partner for South-East Asia

Sinto is a certified LAJ Coach & LAJ Global Partner for Southeast Asia. He has been on board at LAJ Global since 2020 and is ready to bring the LAJ Global mission to Southeast Asia, that he considers his home. He is a Global DISC master trainer, ICF accredited coach (ACSHT Leadership accreditation), PQ Coach (Positive Intelligence), NLP accredited leadership Coach, Transformative coach (The 3 Principles). He speaks Spanish, Catalan, and English,

Sinto believes in the human being’s pure soul and that everyone has a leader inside waiting to be unlocked. As an LAJ Global practitioner and Coach, he is fully aligned with the LAJ approach as the foundation and unique journey of a leader, both personal and professional. Sinto considers LAJ the perfect human and inside-out leadership program to address one of the most needed priorities in the current world.

Sinto has over 20 years of business background and 10 years of international experience in the Sales and Marketing and Training fields working on-site for Hard Rock International in different environments such as Spain, South Africa, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Laos, Portugal, Thailand, Mongolia, Myanmar, and China.

Sinto started his coaching Journey in 2018 and his main clients are Executives, Hospitality, Investment, and IT companies in different countries

Maria Teresa Arcidiaco

Maria Teresa Arcidiaco, Certified Leadership Activation Coach

Maria Teresa is an Executive Leadership Coach and past President of AICP, Associazione Italiana Coach Professionisti. She is the founder and CEO of Noble Goal, a coaching company based in Rome, Italy. Mariateresa graduated in Economics and was formerly a manager in an organization in the large scale food industry. She holds a Master degree from the Humanistic School of Coaching, a Master in NLP and a Master in Team and Group Coaching from la Decade. She is a certified Six Seconds assessor and Wave Coach for Emotional Intelligence, as well as Cultural Transformer following the Barrett’s values.

Maria Teresa has a pragmatic and visionary approach to leadership. She is a passionate learner in the areas of neuroscience and future intelligence, which help her to enrich her work as a coach and trainer of new coaches within the Intellessere school of coaching.

Her references include Birra Peroni, Coca Cola, Alitalia, World Food Program (United Nations) and several more.

Gianluca Masolini

Gianluca Masolini, Certified Leadership Activation Coach

Gianluca is a Business and Executive Coach based in Udine, Italy. Gianluca helps leaders to increase their ability to cope with technological and market evolution, to bring out the best in themselves and others and achieve better performance, so they can turn innovation and market change into opportunities.

In his corporate career Gianluca worked for 10 years in Logistics and Supply Chain in manufacturing companies where he experienced complex and pervasive innovation projects, leading his team in expressing their potential and achieving high performance in rapidly changing environments.

Gianluca holds a Master of Management Information Systems from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He is a fully charted engineer and belongs to the Order of Engineers of the Province of Udine, Italy. He is a member of the Board of Directors of AICP, Associazione Italiana Coach Professionisti.