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Why Listening increases your power of influence

A successful, fast-thinking Director in a multinational organization told me that he didn’t listen because he if he did, he would send the message that he was agreeing with what the other person was saying, and therefore accepting it. He didn’t want that to happen. He is a high-achiever and at that time he had already reached a high level of success in his career. He hired me because he wanted to drive a major change in his organization, but some of the other Directors

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January 10, 2019 Influencing, Leadership, Neuroscience

Neuroscience explains why Leadership Development fails – and how to succeed instead

Is Leadership Development preventing leaders from developing themselves? Approximately 75% of organizations find their leadership development programs ineffective, according to various surveys carried out by I4CP, the Institute for Corporate Productivity. Why does this matter? Because today more than ever, organizations need leaders who are capable of driving strategic and culture change in order to accelerate the pace of innovation, gain a competitive advantage and increase profitability in local and global markets. However, despite massive investments in leadership development, only 17% of executives believe their organization has

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