Corporate Journey

Corporate Journey


Do you have a strong vision for your organization, but wonder whether you have the right people on board?

Do you want an aligned, cohesive Leadership Team, but everyone is working in silos or competing against one another?

Are the Middle Managers in your organization resisting change, lacking engagement or working inefficiently?

If you are ready to step into the game and transform your organization into an agile, cohesive and high performance one, the Leadership Activation Journey is for you.

How this works

We design your journey based on your organization’s specific needs and goals. We work with you and your people through Workshops (virtual and/or face-to-face), Coaching, Mini-Trainings on your digital platform, and practical On-The-Job activities.

  • You will learn how to tap into your people’s collective intelligence and find solutions you hadnìt thought about.

  • You will learn how the brain and the heart work together, and how to connect them effectively to achieve high levels of collaboration and performance, both in yourself and the people around you.

  • You will learn how to apply the CARx method developed by Myriam Callegarin to build mutual trust, run effective meetings, engage people, and give feedback that drives change while strengthening your relationships.

  • You will develop strong coaching skills and learn to ask conscious, powerful questions to negotiate, overcome conflict, find solutions and help your people increase autonomy, collaboration and responsibility.

  • You will develop deeper inner stability and create a better work-life balance, so you experience more energy and joyful moments with your loved ones.

How much time does this take?

  • This ‘on-the-job’ program can take between 6 to 18 months, depending on your current situation and goals. This is a transformational program, and everyone has their own pace.

  • For best results, each participant will need to plan 1 hour in your calendar each week to learn, reflect and think more strategically. You will start thinking and acting like Real Leaders.

  • The practical activities will be integrated into your work step by step. Initially, they will require some preparation time, eg. before meetings or difficult conversations, but they will help you save time because you will come to clear agreements and better outcomes much faster than you thought possible.

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