1-to-1 Executive Journey

1-to-1 Executive Journey

CEO Journeys

Do you want to drive a significant change in your organization but everything feels like a struggle?

Are people in the Headquarters ignoring your strategic recommendations for your local market, thus weakening your impact and credibility in your country?

Is your Management Team underperforming despite your continued efforts, thus putting your position at risk?

If you are ready to challenge your assumptions and become the influential, agile and highly successful leader you know you can be, the Leadership Activation Journey is for you.

One-to-One Executive Leadership Coaching
  • 12 private coaching sessions that will help you to become a lighthouse for your employees in the current challenges, inspiring them and aligning them around a powerful and meaningful common purpose, fostering collaboration across functions, hierarchies and cultures.
  • This is a deep transformational journey that will help you to become a truly influential, agile and conscious leader who makes a deep positive impact on your organization.

Global DISC Assessment
  • Discover how you are perceived by others and what you need to do to build trust with people who are very different from you.
  • Personalized report and debriefing.

Digital Platform
  • Access an integrated coaching and training platform to support you on your leadership activation journey.
  • Weekly Review & Focus to manage your priorities strategically.
  • Monthly Check-Up to monitor progress.

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