Executive Journey

Executive Journey

CEO Journeys

Do you want to drive a significant change in your organization but everything feels like a struggle?

Are people in the Headquarters ignoring your strategic recommendations for your local market, thus weakening your impact and credibility in your country?

Is your Management Team underperforming despite your continued efforts, thus putting your position at risk?

If you are ready to challenge your assumptions and become the influential, agile and highly successful leader you know you can be, the Leadership Activation Journey is for you.

What you will get

You will discover your true power of influence, boosting your impact and career

  • You will learn how to get your most difficult stakeholders to listen, trust and value your ideas and recommendations, so they give you the resources and support you need to implement the strategies that are right for your organization.

  • You will learn how to inspire, engage and mobilize your local Management Team around a relevant and exciting goal to achieve together.

  • You will activate people’s hidden potential, including their ability to find solutions and work together as a real team across functions, even in very challenging times.

  • You will strengthen your strategic awareness and systemic perspective, so you will be able to make better decisions for yourself, your organization, the business.

  • You will make a deep positive impact and become an inspiring leader people will remember.

How this works

Myriam Callegarin will work with you through Coaching, Mini-Trainings on your digital platform, and practical On-The-Job activities

  • You will learn how the brain and the heart work together, and how to connect them effectively to achieve high levels of collaboration and performance, both in yourself and the people around you.

  • You will learn how to apply the CARx method developed by Myriam Callegarin to build mutual trust, run effective meetings, engage people, and give feedback that drives change while strengthening your relationships.

  • You will develop strong coaching skills and learn to ask conscious, powerful questions to negotiate, overcome conflict, find solutions and help your people increase autonomy, collaboration and responsibility.

  • You will develop deeper inner stability and create a better work-life balance, so you experience more energy and joyful moments with your loved ones.

How much time does this take?

  • This ‘on-the-job’ program takes 6 months, and you will start seeing changes already in the first weeks if you take action.

  • For best results, plan 1 hour in your calendar each week to learn, reflect and think more strategically. You will start thinking and acting like a Real Leader.

  • The practical activities will be integrated into your work step by step. Initially, they will require some preparation time, eg. before meetings or difficult conversations, but they will help you save time because you will come to clear agreements and better outcomes much faster than you thought possible.



Leadership Activation Journey

The individual journey includes:

  • 6 Executive Coaching sessions with Myriam Callegarin, in English, German or Italian. You can be located anywhere in the world

  • Exclusive access to your personal platform on the online Leadership Activation Academy, which will guide along the journey through short audio and video trainings, templates and Action Sheets to help you immediately apply your learning in your work.

  • Monthly Review & Focus to monitor your progress and stay on track.


Leadership Activation Journey

The Group Journey includes:

  • 3 Executive Coaching sessions with Myriam Callegarin, from anywhere in the world.

  • Weekly Leaders Activation Calls, i.e. group calls in videoconference facilitated by Myriam Callegarin, where you can meet leaders from other companies who are going through the Leadership Activation Journey. During these calls you will be able to receive coaching from Myriam, share best practices, and challenge your thinking. The calls will take place at different times each week to accommodate different time zones.

  • A Peer Coach, i.e. an executive in your group whom you can meet as often as you like, with whom you can practice difficult conversations and test ideas, while further developing your ability to coach and lead through questions.

  • Exclusive access to the Leadership Activation Academy, your personal digital platform where you find all your audio and video trainings, Action Sheets and guidance to apply your learning in your daily work.

  • Monthly Review & Focus to monitor your progress and stay on track.

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