Free Activation Session

Leadership Activation Session with Myriam Callegarin

We are currently offering 3 spots for a complimentary Leadership Activation Session with Myriam Callegarin, Global Executive Coach and CEO of LAJ Global.

Who is this session for?

If you are a corporate manager or CEO who is committed to growing as a leader and achieve unprecedented success with the people around you, this session is for you.

This exclusive session (valued € 350) will help you to

1. Gain clarity

Create a crystal clear vision of what you want to accomplish as a truly influential leader, so you know exactly what to focus on.

2. Discover hidden roadblocks

Identify what is sabotaging your success, that you may not be aware of and find out how to turn things around with greater ease than you imagine.

3. Accelerate your success

Understand how the Leadership Activation Journey can help you to realize your vision faster and more smoothly than you ever thought possible.

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