Online Group Journey

The LAJ Online Group Program is here!

Experience this journey in a new, open group environment

Until 2020, the Leadership Activation Journey was only available for corporate organizations and as a 1-to-1 Executive Coaching program.

Now you can experience it in a digital format with the precious live support of like-minded managers and leaders from other business organizations worldwide, and from Myriam Callegarin and our certified LAJ Coaches.

You have a bold dream, right?

You have a concrete idea for a solution that will greatly benefit your organization, but your superior is not supporting you and you don’t know how to move forward fast and effectively.

You want to increase your team’s performance, improve cross-functional communication, and be heard from top management. But that’s a lot, how can you achieve it?

You are witnessing a growing sense of disconnection and uncertainty in the people in your organization. Even the CEO seems to be drifting away from your company’s vision and values. You would like to help your colleagues to find a new sense of purpose and meaning, but are facing a lot of resistance and a lack of interest. And anyway, who are you to drive such a change?

Discover your true power of influence

Reconnect with the true leader within you and unlock your ability to inspire people above, below and beside you in an authentic and conscious way. Learn to overcome resistance and to powerfully engage people to achieve a relevant, meaningful and exciting goal together.

Here is how we help you

We help you on-the-job, through pragmatic tools and our personal presence during regular group sessions. For 6 months, we will accompany you on your Leadership Activation Journey. We will provide guidance as well as a safe place to practice and role-play. We will cheer you up when things get tough, and celebrate your small and big successes with you.

LAJ Online program

Online Platform

6 months access to your Self-Coaching and Training platform, which will guide you in completing your bold project, or the initial part if it is a long-term one. You will find practical tools that will help you to gain a different perspective, develop new habits and transform the way you interact with the people at work (and in your personal life too!). Your LAJ platform includes short training videos, self-coaching questions, downloadable Action Sheets, quizzes, and much more.

LAJ Calls

Regular live Group Sessions

Moving at your own pace is fine, but engaging with others who are on a similar journey is extremely energizing. Every 2 weeks, you meet Myriam Callegarin, our certified LAJ Coaches, as well as managers and leaders from organizations worldwide who are going on a Leadership Activation Journey like you. This is your chance to receive coaching in a group setting, learn from others, and expand your global network.

LAJ RF Weekly

Weekly & Monthly Focus

The most successful leaders have a habit in common: they regularly take time to think more comprehensively and strategically. This is what helps them to make better decisions.

Each week, we send you a set of questions that help you to stay focused on what matters most, overcome challenges more consciously, and prioritize your actions the following week.

Once a month, we invite you to measure your progress and prepare for a successful, inspiring and highly productive month ahead.

Your Leadership Activation Journey, a unique experience

Pragmatic and concrete
The Leadership Activation Journey takes place on-the-job in your current context. You will immediately see a positive impact on you and the people you work with every day.

360-degree impact
Learn to powerfully engage your superiors, peers, team members and other key stakeholders across hierarchies, functions and cultures. Your new approach will create a ripple effect.

Learn to think and act like a great leader, whatever your position. You will see yourself and the people around you with new eyes, and naturally generate different, more positive outcomes with a deep impact.

Integrated & Repeatable 
Blended self-coaching and training to build awareness, acquire know-how and ensure its application. Learn a process you can re-apply in any local or global context.

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