Inspiring Leaders

Inspiring Leaders - Interview Series

The purpose of this interview series is to give leaders the opportunity to learn from other leaders who are leading with humanity. Our world needs more concrete examples of a conscious, people-centred, inclusive leadership approach.

Alpha Bah, Deputy Country Director at the World Food Programme (United Nations): Leading With Purpose 

How do you lead people who are risking their lives to help others? How do you manage the conflicting needs of so many different stakeholders? Alpha Bah, Deputy Country Director at the World Food Programme in Bangladesh shares his experiences and perspective on leading in very complex environments, helping people through wars and natural disasters, managing uncertainty and ambiguity while keeping people motivated to bring out their best.

David Katz, CEO of Plastic Bank: Creating New Possibilities for People, Profits and Planet

In this interview, David Katz shares his profound insights on how to move beyond our limiting beliefs on money, poverty, and business. Through Plastic Bank, he demonstrates what is possible when we put the human being first.

JungKiu Choi, Boston Consulting Group: The Business Impact of Humble Leadership

How did JungKiu Choi increase employee engagement so much that it resulted in a 54% increase in customer satisfaction, a 29% reduction of customer complaints, and in the reduction of the attrition ratio to the lowest among all foreign banks in China? In this interview, JungKiu Choi describes his (sometimes astonishing) approach when taking on the role of Head of Consumer Banking at Standard Chartered Bank in China, counting over 10,000 employees in 200 subsidiaries.

Steffen Weinstok, Luftansa: Dealing with uncertainty as a leader

Like many companies, Lufthansa has been hit hard by Covid. How can leaders deal with uncertainty and fear, when they know they might lose their job? How can they help their employees to deal with their own fears, and keep them motivated despite the sense of disconnection? In this interview you will hear an inspiring leader, Steffen Weinstok, Senior Director Sales at Lufthansa Group dive deep into this topic.

Davide Villa, E.ON: Leading in times of crisis

Myriam Callegarin interviews Davide Villa, Chief Marketing Officer and Board Member at E.ON Italy on what he finds important when leading people during these challenging times. We need leaders who take responsibility for their impact on others, their organization and the world; leaders who are willing to co-create new possibilities with the people around them.