Leadership Activation Journey

Leadership Activation Journey (LAJ)

What is the Leadership Activation Journey (LAJ)?

The LAJ is our unique program that helps corporate managers to increase their influence and agility in complex and uncertain contexts, so they can create a greater positive impact with the people around them.

What is unique about the LAJ?

Unlike most leadership development programs that are focused on theory and changing leaders’ behaviour, the Leadership Activation Journey (LAJ) is pragmatic, takes place on the job, and focuses on increasing self-awareness and agility.

It is based on our proprietary CARx Method, a systemic approach that naturally leads managers to develop more conscious and constructive interactions with the people they work with, across hierarchies, functions and cultures.

The leaders who complete our LAJ program usually create a ripple effect around them, contributing to a positive culture change in their team and in their entire organization, depending on their leadership level.

The Journey in Three Steps


Strengthen your confidence


  • Compass: Get crystal clear on what you stand for as a leader, so you have an inner compass that guides you in your decisions throughout your professional life.
  • Mastery: Learn how to manage your mindset and emotions, so you think, feel and act like a leader at all times.
  • Mission: Get clear on the role you want to play in your organization and how you want to contribute through concrete projects.


Broaden your influence


  • 360° Connection – Learn to build trust fast across hierarchies, functions and cultures.
  • Communication – Learn to inspire people, dissolve resistance and get them on board through conscious conversations and essential coaching skills.
  • Co-creation –  Learn to engage people by co-creating smart solutions together with them, so they feel valued and are eager to express their full potential.


Create a ripple effect


  • Growth – Build a culture focused on continuous learning, where feedback is received and given mindfully and consciously.
  • Recognition – Learn how to make people feel valued and recognized for their contribution, so they are eager to keep working with you on even bolder projects.
  • Build the future – Create a crystal clear vision of your next goal and how to achieve it with the people around you.

A unique blended program

Move forward at your own pace…


  • Unique online experience – Unlike most online courses that deliver a lot of theory, our LAJ online program is like having your personal coach on your side, helping you to integrate the learning and apply the practical tools immediately on the job.
  • Weekly Review & Focus – to help you overcome current challenges and keep you focused on your priorities.
  • Monthly Check-Up – to help measure your progress along the way.


…and enjoy live meetings!


  • LAJ Online Group Sessions – Live facilitated video-conference meetings with other LAJ participants. A unique opportunity to learn from one another, practice the CARx Method, and network with managers from other organizations.
  • 1-to-1 Executive Leadership Coaching (depending on the program you choose).
  • Global DISC Assessment – Including a personal debriefing session and augmented reality training.

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