Leadership Activation Journey

Leadership Activation Journey (LAJ)

For high-achieving global leaders, teams, and organizations

Come on a Leadership Activation Journey!

Our Leadership Activation Journey (LAJ) is an innovative program based on a systemic approach that helps leaders to become stronger, more conscious and agile in challenging times, so they:

  • Turn conflict into alliance.
  • Turn resistance to change into eagerness to innovate
  • Keep people united and connected with their organization’s purpose

What is unique about the LAJ?

Unlike many executive development programs that are theoretical and based on knowledge-transfer, our LAJ program:

  • Is pragmatic and takes place directly at the workplace
  • Is experiential and leads to natural behavioural transformation
  • Facilitates collaboration across hierarchies, functions and cultures
  • Generates a ripple effect across the organization
  • Blends online self-learning and practical tools with live online coaching and workshops

The Journey in Three Steps


Develop inner strength, confidence and agility


  • Your Compass – Get crystal clear on what you stand for as a leader, so you have an inner compass that guides you in your decisions throughout your professional life.
  • Personal Mastery – Learn to think, feel and act like a true leader even in the most turbulent times.
  • Your Mission – Get clear on the role you want to play in your organization and how you want to contribute through concrete projects.


Dissolve resistance and get people on board


  • 360° Connection – Learn to build trust fast across hierarchies, functions and cultures.
  • Powerful Communication – Learn to overcome conflicts and inspire action through conscious conversations and essential coaching skills.
  • Co-creation –  Learn to tap into people’s collective intelligence and to facilitate the development of smart and sustainable solutions.


Create a ripple effect across your organization


  • Partnership –  Keep people on board even in the most challenging times by applying the leadership and coaching competencies you developed in phase 2.
  • Growth Culture – Build an environment of continuous learning thanks to people’s failures, successes and contributions.
  • Legacy – Create true leaders who become role models for conscious, agile and high-performing collaboration.

A unique blended program

Move forward at your own pace…


  • Unique online experience – Feel like having your personal coach on your side at all times, helping you to integrate the learning and apply the practical tools immediately on the job.
  • Weekly Pit Stops – Overcome current challenges and stay focused on your priorities.
  • Monthly Check-Up – Measure your progress along the way.


…and enjoy live meetings!


  • LAJ Online Group Sessions – Live facilitated video-conference meetings with other LAJ participants. A unique opportunity to learn from one another, practice the CARx Method, and network with managers from other organizations.
  • 1-to-1 Executive Leadership Coaching (depending on the program you choose).

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