Leadership Activation

Leadership Activation Journey

What is the Leadership Activation Journey?

The Leadership Activation Journey (LAJ) is a unique program created by Myriam Callegarin that teaches managers and leaders at all levels how to drive positive change in their organization.


Through our proprietary CARx Method, which has been developed thanks to over 25 years experience in international sales, business and leadership development with the purpose of helping managers and leaders in global business organizations to overcome the 5 biggest saboteurs of change.

Unlike other leadership development programs that focus on developing competencies, the LAJ has the purpose of helping corporate managers and leaders to reconnect with the wise, brilliant, true leader within them. This helps them to make better decisions, to overcome resistance more easily, and to inspire, engage and mobilize people toward a powerful, exciting common purpose, even across hierarchies, functions and cultures. This leads to increased collaboration, accountability and motivation in people, as well as to improved customer service and business results.

A unique experience

Pragmatic and concrete
The Leadership Activation Journey takes place on-the-job in your current context. You will immediately see a positive impact on you and the people you work with every day.

360-degree impact
Learn to powerfully engage your superiors, peers, team members and other key stakeholders across hierarchies, functions and cultures. Your new approach will create a ripple effect.

Learn to think and act like a great leader, whatever your position. You will see yourself and the people around you with new eyes, and naturally generate different, more positive outcomes with a deep impact.

Integrated & Repeatable 
Blended self-coaching and training to build awareness, acquire know-how and ensure its application. Learn a process you can re-apply in any local or global context.

Which format is right for you?

Online Group Journey

Online Group Journey

Interact with managers from other companies and receive coaching during live Group Sessions. Learn more.

Individual Executive Journey

1-to-1 Executive Journey

The Leadership Activation Journey includes access to the online platform, live Group Sessions, and private, individual Executive Coaching Sessions. Learn more.

Corporate Journey

Corporate Journey

Customized journeys for Leadership Teams, Middle Managers and High Potentials. Learn more.

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