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Leadership Activation Journey

What is the Leadership Activation Journey?

The Leadership Activation Journey (LAJ) is an innovative coaching and training program created by Myriam Callegarin that helps managers at any level to become highly influential, agile and effective leaders.

Through Myriam’s CARx method, the LAJ helps you to turn your most difficult superiors, peers and employees into your strongest allies in achieving your organization’s purpose and priorities. It helps you to activate your own and other people’s hidden potential, thus building intrinsic motivation in them across functions, hierarchies and geographies. This unique journey does not only transform you as a leader, but also the people around you through a ripple effect.

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How is the Leadership Activation Journey different from other programs?

Unlike most leadership programs that focus on leading people below you, the LAJ helps you to activate your 360-degree leadership skills, so you successfully lead your superiors, colleagues, teams… and also yourself.

The LAJ takes place on-the-job, exactly where you are, with the people you work with every day. At the same time it is an exciting adventure that helps you discover abilities within you and the people around you that you never even imagined.

What results can I expect from the Leadership Activation Journey?

The managers participating in the Leadership Activation Journey report a large variety of results: increased enthusiasm, performance and collaboration in their teams; increased self-confidence and recognition from their superiors; increased revenues; more energy, satisfaction and better work-life balance.

You can expect to experience an exponential growth at personal, team and business levels. You increase employee engagement, innovation, partnership, personal accountability and the readiness for change, while contributing to an inclusive and cohesive organizational culture.

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