Leadership Activation Journey

Leadership Activation Journey

We don’t believe in extensive theory.

The Leadership Activation Journey (LAJ) turns the workplace into an exciting and enriching training ground.

It accelerates success by helping leaders to grow exactly where they are, with the people they work with every day, across hierarchies, functions and cultures.

Our LAJ Programs

All our programs are based on the CARx Method created by Myriam Callegarin, which builds the foundation for the Leadership Activation Journey (LAJ). Each program is tailored to your specific needs and is available in several formats.

LAJ Executive Coaching

1-to-1 Executive Coaching 

A tailored LAJ program for C-Level and Senior Executives.

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LAJ Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

Tailored LAJ programs for Leadership Teams, Middle Managers and High Potentials.

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LAJ Adventure

LAJ Adventure

A dynamic group program for managers from different organizations globally.

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The Leadership Activation Journey in Three Steps


Develop deep inner strength, confidence and agility


  • Your Compass – Get crystal clear on who you want to be as a person and leader, so you have an inner compass that guides you in your decisions throughout your professional life.
  • Personal Mastery – Learn to think, feel and act like a true leader even in the most turbulent times.
  • Your Mission – Get clear on the role you want to play in your organization and how you want to contribute through concrete projects.


Build productive work relationships with your superiors, team members and other key stakeholders


  • 360° Connection – Learn to see the world through the other person’s eyes and how to build trust fast across hierarchies, functions and cultures.
  • Powerful Communication – Learn to negotiate, overcome conflicts and inspire action through conscious conversations and essential coaching skills.
  • Co-creation –  Learn to tap into your collective intelligence and to facilitate the development of smart and sustainable solutions.


Build high-performing and collaborative teams


  • Partnership –  Keep people on board even in the most challenging times by applying the leadership and coaching competencies you developed in phase 2.
  • Growth Culture – Build an environment of continuous learning thanks to people’s failures, successes and contributions.
  • Legacy – Create true leaders who become role models for conscious, agile and high-performing collaboration.

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