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LAJ Executive

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What is it

The LAJ Executive is an exclusive, advanced 1-to-1 program for high-achieving, purpose-driven, growth-oriented CEOs, Country Managers and Senior Leaders in global corporate organizations who want to take their leadership to the next level, so they can:

Navigate conflicting needs and priorities with greater confidence and ease, making strategic decisions that feel right for them and their organization.

Increase their influence and impact to drive organizational and cultural change with greater agility.

Create true leaders in their Management Team who work together as a real team and who bring out the best in the people below them.

What is included

Private 1-to-1 Executive Coaching
  • Tailored to your specific goals and needs
  • Via video-conference of face-to-face
  • In English, German or Italian

Global Leadership Consulting
  • Building trust, inspiring, getting and keeping people on board across cultures.
  • Ad hoc consulting for specific needs, including presentations to the Board in Global Headquarters, public speeches in front of an international audience, and more.

Executive Training
  • Tailored personal training depending on your specific needs, e.g. Creating Influence Shifts across Hierarchies and Cultures, the Neuroscience of Top Performance, and several more.

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