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Why work with us

Corporate organizations are going through massive changes and many managers are struggling to maintain their own mental and emotional stability. This impacts their leadership effectiveness, their ability to collaborate with others, and ultimately business results.

Our LAJ Corporate programs are designed to accelerate the development of evolved leadership qualities and skills to lead successfully in today’s challenging times, including:

Self-awareness, awareness of others, and conscious leadership

Agility, change-readiness, autonomy and accountability

Diversity & Inclusion as well as effective collaboration across hierarchies, functions and cultures

Cohesion, alignment and engagement toward your organization’s common purpose

Leading effectively at a distance, integrating people’s emotional and intellectual needs with the organization’s needs.

Our LAJ Corporate Programs are:


The participants apply the learning directly on the job. Their growth becomes visible to others during the program.


The participants’ progress is measured on a monthly basis.


Our programs blend live and digital coaching and training for Active Learning, Passive Learning and Social Learning.

The Leadership Activation Journey in 3 Steps


Develop deep inner strength, confidence and agility


  • COMPASS – The participants get crystal clear on what they stand for as a leader, so they have an inner compass that guides them in their decisions.
  • PERSONAL MASTERY – They learn to think, feel and act like a true leader, even in the most turbulent times.
  • MISSION – They get clear on the role they want to play in your organization and how they are ready to contribute through concrete projects.


Dissolve resistance and get people on board


  • 360° CONNECTION – The participants learn to build trust fast across hierarchies, functions and cultures.
  • CONSCIOUS COMMUNICATION – They learn to overcome conflicts and inspire action through conscious conversations and essential coaching skills.
  • CO-CREATION –  They learn to tap into people’s collective intelligence and to facilitate the development of smart and sustainable solutions.


Create a ripple effect across your organization


  • PARTNERSHIP –  The participants learn to keep people on board even in times of crisis by applying the leadership and coaching competencies you developed in the previous steps.
  • GROWTH CULTURE – They learn from their own and other people’s failures and successes, and build an environment of continuous growth.
  • LEGACY – They become role models for the colleagues who are not participating in the program in terms of conscious, agile and high-performing collaboration.

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