Strategic Awareness

Strategic Awareness

Your choices have an impact on the business, the people around you, and your career.

Strategic awareness helps you to see beyond the obvious, the data, the stories you tell yourself. By integrating strategic thinking and personal awareness, it activates your ability to recognize patterns, spot anomalies and identify hidden drivers, allowing you to uncover unexpected opportunities and create new possibilities for everyone involved.

How we can help

Strategic Awareness Workshop

This is a dynamic, deeply transformational 1-day workshop for growth-oriented managers and high potentials who are ready to move to a new level as leaders and individuals.


This Strategic Awareness Workshop helps you to:

  • Create clarity around who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to achieve, so you increase both your stability and agility.
  • Transform the way you view your organization and your key stakeholders, so you learn to connect with them at a new level.
  • Learn how to quickly identify anomalies, patterns and sabotaging stories, and develop a 360 degree perspective that allows you to make more conscious decisions.
  • Learn how to integrate your insights and develop a powerful strategy in alignment with your organization’s values, purpose and priorities.
  • Acquire practical tools you can use any time in the future, for example when you take on a new leadership role or need to make a difficult strategic decision for yourself or your organization.

How it works:

  • This residential workshop includes 2 follow-up group sessions in person or video-conference in order to support the learning and application.
  • Myriam Callegarin delivers this workshop globally in English, German or Italian.

6-month Strategic Awareness Coaching

This 1-to-1 coaching program has been designed for C-level executives, Regional and Country Managers who want to grow exponentially as a leader, so they can transform themselves and their organization.


Strategic Awareness Coaching helps you to:

  • Develop unprecedented clarity, agility and confidence by moving beyond your assumptions, the old stories, and the cultural programmings that have been holding you back.
  • Look at your biggest current challenges from a different perspective, understand what is truly driving your stakeholders’ behavior, and influence them through the right blend of assertiveness and inclusion.
  • Identify and capitalize on opportunities you couldn’t see before, and find out what you need to do differently in order to achieve the outcomes you want.
  • Learn how to activate people’s intrinsic motivation to support you, in alignment with your organization’s values, purpose and priorities.

How it works:

  • This is a deeply transformational 6-month coaching program with Myriam Callegarin, tailored to your specific needs.
  • You can be located anywhere in the world. 80% of Myriam’s clients are Global Business Leaders with busy schedules.

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