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Success Stories

Here you can find a few examples of the results some of our clients have achieved by working with us. We can share several more, you are welcome to contact us to learn more.

27 Managers in a global multinational organization

27 Team Leaders participated in the Leadership Activation Journey with the purpose of increasing their autonomy, strengthening their leadership effectiveness and collaboration across the organization. Each Team Leader managed between 3 and 75 people.



  • Within 6 months, 93% of the participants’ superiors noticed significant improvements in the Team Leaders’ autonomy, communication effectiveness (including upwards), problem-solving, coaching, team leadership, collaboration among departments.
  • The Team Leaders initiated and implemented 12 cross-functional projects that improved processes, employee engagement and cross-functional collaboration. Some of their projects have been adopted as running initiatives that are still being running successfully after 18 months.

Country Manager in Thailand

The Italian Country Manager of the Thai subsidiary on an Italian multinational organization had been struggling with a low-performing local team for 2 years. He was stressed and tired, because despite his efforts, things kept getting worse and this affected the business heavily, as well as his reputation. We started working together over the phone and never met in person. Within a few sessions, the Country Manager quickly understood the true reason for the struggles and completely changed his approach.



  • Within 5 months his Leadership Team was completely transformed.
  • 41% increase in revenues compared to the previous year.
  • 300% business growth in 4 years
  • Awarded ‘Best Country in Southeast Asia’ 2 years in a row.

Regional Manager EMEA

The German EMEA Regional Manager working for an American multinational organization had been struggling to get his local reports in the EMEA region on board. With some of them, the communication was very difficult and they hardly replied to his emails. Within 1 session (Strategic Clarity Session) he understood how his communication style had been preventing him from getting his different reports on board and changed his approach.



  • Significant improvements in the relationships with all of his reports.
  • Increased sales across the EMEA countries within approx. 4 – 6 months.