Michela Serramoglia

Certified Leadership Activation Coach

Michela is a Business, Corporate and Team Coach based in Milan, Italy. Michela graduated in Computer Science with a focus on AI and robotics. Michela works with managers and companies mainly in the area of leadership development, future soft skills training and teams dynamics.

She believes in the development of conscious leadership because she feels that there will be huge possibilities for human beings. New new soft skills will be essential to maintain our “humanity” in spite of the new technologies.

Lead Experiences: Trainer and Coach in Coca-Cola (Milan); Coaching Instructor in Coaching Schools La Decade and Noble Goal (Rome); Group Coach in San Raffaele, Istituto Tumori, Policlinico Hospitals (Milan), Facillitator of Inner Game (Tim Gallwey Usa), Facilitator of Quantum System Dynamics Leadership (Danah Zohar Oxford), Managing Consultant  in Jahanvi (Gurgaon, India), Sales Manager in APP (Indonesia).